Shown Up Jacket Style with Cardigan

Kumpulan Motivasi Bijak - The weather in Indonesia is uncertain. Heat, then heavy rain to rivers to overflow. As a result, dressed so completely wrong.
Was wearing a sweater to warm the body, suddenly the sun beating down. The sweater itself is a kind of outer clothing, or in English is called outerwear .

Well , this outcome clothes many kinds. Start of sweater, cardigan, jacket up. For men, probably did not bother with the affairs of clothing, but the following information may be of interest to the women.
Outerwear itself is based on the need for the season. Hence the use of materials and different thickness levels. Then, outerwear made ​​more chic , not just body warmers in the name of fashion. Let's get acquainted with the types of outerwear that is popular in the community.

Many people are mistaken between sweater and cardigan. Kata Mutiara untuk Ibu Tercinta Sweater is outerwear thick with soft and warm material. Sweater is a continuation, without buttons or zippers , suitable for a rather cold climate.
The design is now made ​​so stylish sweater with print or text . Sweater tiger head of the fashion house Kenzo become one of the popular models.

Cardigan sweater is derived from, but with a thinner contours and sleek. In addition, the cardigan has buttons that extends from top to bottom. Matching cardigan for a relaxed atmosphere and is still comfortable to wear in warmer climates. Materials cashmere cardigan is a favorite material for.

One of the famous products of Cibaduyut is a leather jacket. Children must be familiar with the motorcycle jacket. Nah , the jacket itself is outerwear thick with a rigid design. Generally wear waterproof material or are not easily wet and heavy and hot when worn for a long time.

Kata Kata Galau Sakit Hati Kesepian Burberry is a famous fashion house with his coat. Is a derivative of a suit coat but with a deeper design ( overcoat ). This coat usually worn during the rainy season, because the material is made ​​of thick material and water-resistant.

For formal occasions, men generally use coat. It may be just a suit, or with suits consisting of shirt, tie, vest , pants, belt, shoe leather.

Jas is formal wear for men, and blazers for women. Blazer has a lot of models for formal occasions, or casual. The model is more feminine and usually follow the curve of the body.

In addition to outerwear that has been described earlier, Kata Romantis Menyentuh Hati there are many types of outerwear else, such as a hoodie, poncho, robe and even rain coat raincoat aka you know ! However, we simplify to outerwear that you normally use everyday. (Asp) Source:

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Shown Up Jacket Style with Cardigan