Moving with shoes from Banana

Kata Mutiara Cinta - Suminah, thus the name of the mother of two children known at Hope Village Pondok Kubang Makmur subdistrict, Central Bengkulu District, Bengkulu Province. Female figure Nganjuk birth, 46 years ago, the sudden admired by many parties. He successfully built a cottage industry of high heels and crafts simply by using natural raw materials: banana. During this banana is considered as waste became a commercial product in the hands of Suminah.

Thanks to his success, Suminah managed to make his village becomes fragrant. He is considered to be creative and able to provide an additional alternative income for residents in the village. Recognized Suminah, pioneered a new effort since the last two years, after he got the shoe-making training in Sidoarjo, East Java.

After that, he moved to try to develop the knowledge they gained. Kata Kata Sakit Hati Kesepian However, Suminah experimented with using the waste of raw materials. "Behind my house a lot of banana trees. majority stems sometimes wasted when it's taken the fruit. So I think trying to be exploited, perhaps more interesting," said Suminah, Wednesday, July 23, 2014. Initially, Suminah have not tried to make the shoes as the main production. He only produce bags, sandals, keychain or other craft forms simply by using banana leaves.

However, over time she tried to make shoes with the provision of their knowledge. Suminah began ventured to change the form of production into shoes made ​​from banana leaves. Kata Indah Mutiara Ibu "Until now, I've made ​​shoes made ​​from the stem of a banana skin. If for bags, most new custom made," said Suminah.

Accept Award
Shoes not less Suminah production with factory-made shoes made ​​by hand though. He was nominated for the best success in the grace of City Micro Award (CMA) conducted by the University of Indonesia in 2013 in the category of environmental micro entrepreneurs. Since then, his name soared. Various orders came. "The message a lot. Kata Kata Romantis dari Lubuk Hati There from Bengkulu Governor, Jambi, Gorontalo and several other regional heads. Footwear I also never exhibited to China. This year I was even invited to Ukraine, but it seems that time does not allow, so it looks like I will not participate," said Suminah.

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Moving with shoes from Banana